Troop 19

2008 High Adventure Trip

Grand Canyon

Kick-off Meeting Notes

March, 27 2007

 Scouts (with or without parents), parents, adult leaders, siblings with parent and families are welcome to take part in the Grand Canyon trip. To participate in this trip you must fulfill the following requirements:

• Everyone

– Class 3 medical form

– Attend training sessions and pre-trip information meetings

• All Adults

– Youth Protection training

– Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training (one hour on-line course)

– Highly recommend Wilderness First Aid course

• Scouts backpacking

– 2nd class by 9/15/07

– 1st Class by 12/15/07

– Active in the troop as outlined in the Troop 19 manual

• Scouts Day hiking

– 2nd class by 12/15/07

– 2 Day hikes with troop

• Scouts, Adults and Siblings backpacking

– 1 Day hike with troop

– 2 overnight backpacks with troop

• Each hiking group needs 2 or more participates with CPR training

– Watch for course offering!

The target price for the trip is $650. The biggest risk for a price change is airfare. By fall we should have are airfare locked in and more confidence in price. Price of trip includes all meals, camping, lodging, airfare and ground transportation. The price does not include hotel for camping nights (family option), souvenirs, showers, laundry and expensive activities (mule rides, scenic plane ride, sky walk, rafting, etc).

Payment schedule is as follows:

• $50 refundable deposit May 1

• $150 September 18, 2007

– Refunds will become partial after a well publicized date in the fall. Only funds not already committed will be refunded.

• $150 October 16, 2007

• $150 November 20, 2007

• $150 February 12, 2008

Schedule for day hikes and backpacks with Troop 19. 

• May 19 day hike White Mountains

• June 1-3 Campout with backpack theme

– Waterville Valley or Mt Cardigan area

• June 22-24 Backpack

• July 27-29 Backpack

• Sept 14-16 Backpack

You should start planning now so you are prepared for this trip. The right equipment, conditioning, training and practice will make for a safe and enjoyable trip. 

• Equipment

– Good fitting backpack

– Over ankle hiking boots

– Proper clothing

• Rain gear!

• Wide brim hat

• Non-cotton clothing

– Light weight sleeping bag

• Conditioning (especially adults!)

– Aerobic training (run, bike, hike, swim)

– Strength training (backpack, hills, weights)

• Skill Training

– First aid

– Leave no trace

– Proper packing

– Trail etiquette and safety

– Backpack cooking

• Shakedown hikes

– Check out equipment

– Practice skills

– Test of your conditioning!

For further information contact Jim Woodward at 424-9651 or