Adventure 2004 - Southwestern Colorado


Colorado Adventure 2004 Training Schedule


January 28 - All Participants Meeting

Trip Budget and Payment Schedule

Hike Descriptions for each Crew

Hike/Fitness/Rank Requirements and Medical Forms (on website)

Schedule for Backpack Shakedown Hikes

Trip Logistics and Itinerary

Packing List

General Discussion--questions and answers

Organization of Hike Crews and Crew Meetings to discuss hiking trail options

Assignments--we need help to continuing our planning (reservations, permits, local info and contacts, etc.)

Wrap up


Equipment Packing

Each participant will present their pack ready-to-go (except for food, cooking equipment and shelter) for review. This is intended to be a guided discovery to ascertain what skills need to be reviewed. Each crew will meet with an experienced instructor to review their individual packs.

Materials Required: Pack with the appropriate gear for the crew’s selected trip and equipment checklists

Outline of topics: clothing, footwear, organizing your pack and weight distribution, discussion of duffle bag for pack and one carry on bag.

Expected Outcomes:

Each participant understands what equipment is required and how to pack for the backpack

Each participant now has a needs list of equipment that is still required

Crews will schedule a crew meeting to make their menu selections and present a list of crew equipment needs to the Colorado Committee no later than March 1st.

Safety and First Aid Session

Topics to include:

Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, Water Intoxication, Rock Scrambling, Snake and Scorpion Bites, Water Treatment, Buddy System, Lightning Safety, Hypothermia, Altitude Sickness and HAPE

Expected Outcome:

Participants can demonstrate basic skills for the prevention of injuries and know how to treat specific canyon related first aid situations

CPR Certification (and recertification)

Encourage participants to be CPR certified. (Need a volunteer to coordinate a course with Bob Leuci at Nashua Fire Dept.)

Leave No Trace

Topics to include: Low impact camping and hiking skills

Hiking and Navigation Skills

Topics to include: Keeping the group together, pace, rest breaks, buddy system, route finding, , hiking hygiene (review from Leave no Trace), do not deviate from the itinerary, orienting a map skills, water and food intake while hiking, rock scrambling, cairns, know your boot imprint.


Cooking And Backpacking Stove Operation

Topics to include; food storage, know your 4 footed guests, carry -in and take-out, food disposal, no fire rule, meal preparation and clean-up, duty rosters and menus, trail snacks while hiking. Stove topics to include; using the stoves in the field and how to make repairs, refueling, storing fuel for hiking, safe operation

Repackaging Food for backpacking

Food is sorted by crews and temporarily stored in a Rubbermaid Container for later distribution to the Crew for packing in their backpacks. Each crew for final approval reviews food list of additional items (perishable) that need to be purchased at the Canyon.

Crews are given the equipment needed for the shake-down hikes (tents, stoves cook kits etc.)


Final Shakedown Backpacks

Crew led and organized

May 21-23

June 25-27


Troop Calendar


February 7 District Klondike

February 8 Scout Sunday

March 5-7 Ski Weekend

April 16-18 Spring Camporee

April 30-May 2 Nantucket Bike Trip (2nd Class requirement)

May 7-9 West Point Invitational Camporee (1st Class requirement)

May 14-16 Order of the Arrow Spring Fellowship at Hidden Valley

May 21-23 Backpacking Trip

June 4-6 Canoe Trip – Saco River or Lake Umbagog

June 11-13 Order of the Arrow Section Conclave at Hidden Valley

June 25-27 Backpacking Trip

July 11-17 Hidden Valley Summer Camp

July 31 – August 7 Colorado Adventure 2004