JULY 2  -  JULY 10,  2018

Last minute check list










Monday, July 2nd Londonderry Park and Ride




Wear: Class A Scout Uniform (Scout Shirt, Scout Pants, Scout Belt and Troop 19 Hat)


Include in your carry-on bag, breakfast items, lunch, snacks and empty water bottle 


DO NOT carry on board the plane the following items: 

Knives of any length

Treking poles


These articles are FORBIDDEN either as carry-on or as checked baggage:

 "strike-anywhere" matches, lighters with flammable liquid reservoirs, lighter fluid and fuel.


The troop will purchase matches, bear spray and stove fuel upon arrival in SLC.


Space in the rental cars and vans will be at a premium.   Plan to fit all your personal and crew gear in your pack or duffle and have one carry-on per person.


Remove any straps, hangers, and protruding objects from your bag before checking it. These may get caught in the baggage system and cause damage to your bag. Bags that are bulging or are not sufficiently constructed to support the weight inside may split during the trip through the bag belt system.


Label all your baggage with your address and Troop 19 BSA.  Include in your checked luggage a coat hanger for your uniform.


Backpacks can be either sealed in a clear plastic bag (provided by the airline at check-in) or packed in a large duffle bag.


Once we arrive at Yellowstone, your uniform will be stored in a garment bag provided by Troop 19 until the return flight.  You should set aside in your duffel bag a complete change of underclothes and socks for the return flight as well.  Do a good turn for your fellow passengers and friends.